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My name is Muyun Qiu, and I am currently an undergraduate student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Constantly striving to be a modern-day Homo Universalis, I am simultaneously:

  • A composer, whose original orchestral, chamber and solo works have been publicly performed in Germany, the UK and China;
  • An artist, working primarily on oil / acrylic paintings, ink / watercolour drawings and sketches, and digital illustrations;
  • A writer, whose projects include poetry, fictions and non-fictions, often inspired by my personal experiences, topics that fascinate me, fragmental moments in my daily life, as well as memories and dreams;
  • A cellist, pianist, organist, swimmer, hiker, cyclist, traveller, railfan, etc.


Online Portfolio: Muyun Qiu on Behance

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